Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Happens

Snow Happens...
O.K. ,So I lied! I said you would not hear from me till February, BUT it is STILL January and I could not resist another post. Besides, I did not explain why the previous photo was my favorite of the day... Let me back up, we had a snow storm, a huge snow storm. Hey, I live in the South and anything over a couple of inches is a snow storm! But this time we got a whole foot! A whole foot in a matter of hours is unbelievable for us. We had about the same thing in December, but before then we had not had "real" snow in years... So this is really big for us and you know , when snow happens this big , it really happens. A friend painted this years ago. S.F. are her initials, if she wants real credit that's fine , but I don't want to just spring her name on here... rambling. I had this in the cupboard for years and last night thought to take it out , course it was finally appropriate. So I will post more photos tomorrow, but back to the favorite of the day... I was hoping that the neighbor's horses would be out for a photo op and they just cantered right over to me and were so cooperative! What I loved about this particular one was the way my shadow and HIS shadow
and even blue sky were so clear in his eye, awesome! I showed it to hubby and he said, "Eww, it grosses me out!" Well , to each his own! :) Hope it doesn't gross you out!
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Yeah! Goal 2010 is up! O.k. ,well, one of them! I have been wanting to do this for months! Plotting, planning , learning, hoping , dreaming and here it goes! One goal was for it to be up in January, and though it is the last day of the month AND it is after 10:00, it is STILL January! I will mention right off that I am a former procrastinator! I do have ADD(ADHD, AAHD) , am proud of the fact ( more on that later ), and it is my goal to change the world's opinion of that , not affliction, but gift! I DO LOVE exclamation points, so you will see a LOT of them! Thats my exciteability and enthusiasm about life ! I am crazy about photography, art, altered art and altered photography! I'm planning on having fun with you, laughing at life, mistakes and striving to enjoy every ordinary day and not be ordinary in the process. I will also strive to be honest with you , even when life is painful, full , boring or just plain rotten. I am the blessed Mother of six, yes, I did say 6, mostly grown, beautiful and brilliant, ( of course! ) "children". I was a "child" bride, so even though I'm not very old, I've been married forever! I will call my husband "HUBBY" to maintain his privacy and my children, numbers, 1,2 , 3... Just kidding! ENOUGH about me already, lets get to the good stuff! Oh, that will have to wait till tomorrow, Febuary 1st. :) I will leave you with my favorite photo of the day...
Lady Bird Hope
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