Thursday, October 20, 2011

LEAF...Oct. 20th, 2011

A simple, imperfect fall maple leaf, a few Scrabble letters, a bottle of Modpodge, a teacup saucer, and a camera... It doesn't have to be perfect, or all set up. Just a few items and you can save a lovely or fun memory...
Let go of the perfect, so the wonderful can begin... mvw
Enjoy my little imperfect set-up and photo ;)
<3's to you
M. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Penny Girl"...

This a my "Penny Girl" in progress. I can't call her a Curly Girl. Yet. ;) Her crown is one of my photographs, of a South African penny, with an American penny to top it off. She is "in progress" because there is so much to be done yet...background, a canvas would be nice, details, maybe some hair, paint, wax...Humm, lots to do, but I still like her. Especially her eyes and mouth...
M. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Leaves of Splendor...

Water color leaves again, I couldn't resist! They will soon be gone so I might as well enjoy them as much as I can now. Hope you enjoy too!
M. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Drawing, painting...

I did a little fall drawing, painting and photographing yesterday...So relaxing. Don't you just have a NEED to make something sometimes? I do! It was stunningly beautiful yesterday, as it usually is here in W.N.C. in the Fall. Perfect, crisp, sunny, slightly windy weather...with leaves floating down to the still very green grass. The mountains, trees, leaves and ground are turning shades of: saffron, pomegranate, salmon, ocher, vermillion, scarlet, golden, crimson, ruby, rust, peach, cherry, apple, coral, terra cotta, tangerine, and garnet! The leaves are spotted, swirled, lined, halved, and marked with varying patterns of these colors...What a masterpiece by the Master Artist. I've heard it said that all art is an imitation of nature. I couldn't find the exact quote or author, but it's pretty "spot" on. ;) Oh, the leaves on the left are "mine" (copy of nature!) and the leaves on the right are God's...
M. :)
ps I used a fine Sharpie to draw the leaves and water color to paint them. This from the girl that could never write or draw anything unless it was in pencil. In case I made a mistake. Oh well, glad I out grew that one! ;)

Brave Girl Lake Photo & Lara Blair

Here is the awesome-freezing-lake picture that I mentioned the other day from Brave Girls Camp. It was taken by the amazingly talented Lara Blair of Lara Blair Images and Check it out, you will love it! She said that I could share this pic with you. I am the Brave Girl in red, with the pony tail flying out and the arc of water! I love this photo! It gives me such a sense of freedom and brings back wonderful memories...isn't that why we take photographs? To capture a single, wonderful moment in time, to preserve memories, to bring back memories, to have proof of something...Lovely...
M. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Climb...Pic O' the Day (PO'D) Sunday, Oct 9, 2011

First of all, I want to say that this quote is Melody Ross' from . The pic and tag on canvas are mine but I love the words, so inspiring. I'm feeling very nostalgic today. A year ago, I went to the amazing and inspiring and wonderful, lovely, delicious, artistic, healing adventure that is Brave Girls Camp! Wow. I can see it all and smell the smells and feel the wonderful feelings all over again... The chilly Idaho air, the cozy and beautifully decorated cabin, the delicious food, the smell of Mod Podge, every tiny, little detail in that art room. The music, the singing, the sharing, the wonderful, accomplished and artistic women! They need a few more exclamation points!!! I love you ladies! (and miss you and wish we could do the whole thing over again with every person and detail the same) Ahhh! ... I didn't even mention the lake! That freezing lake that Margie wanted to jump into and I said I'll go if you do, and we did! Several of us. Freezing, absolutely freezing but it felt so exhilarating and freeing and like such an accomplishment. Really. There is an awesome picture, not mine, but if I could get ahold of it, I would love to show it to that is what I am thinking about today, remembering, longing, hoping to go again some day...but until then, there is always and the online classes that they offer. I'm really wanting to do the Soul Restoration 2 classes...check it out...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pic 'O the WEEK! Spilling...

As one of my friends says to me, even though she has lived here for 10 plus years..."Can you BELIEVE we GET to live here?" Yes, we get to live here! For us, it is Western North Carolina. For you, it may be England or California, or Wales, or Holland...Austria or Australia, New Zealand, Texas somewhere in Asia or Africa, a beautiful island, or hot and blistering desert. Earth. We share the same sky, sun and moon. Oceans and rain, light and darkness, in it's millions of variations... We get to see things like this everyday. Because, no matter where you live, there is some combination of the above. Light. Dark. Wet. Dry. Sun. Moon. Good weather, bad weather. Mountains. Plains, valleys, dips and swells in the land and landscape. We GET to enjoy the seasons and the ever changing weather, AND the beauty in all shapes and sizes that it produces. We GET to see the light, the sunshine: spilling, poking, glowing, dabbling, shining, heating, radiating, lighting up the sky and day and setting it ablaze, into a color palate as it lowers in glorious Golden Hour...GET out there! Enjoy. Consider. Take a few pics!
M. :)
When I look at your heavens, the creation of your fingers, the moon and stars that you have set in place- what is man that you remember him, the son of man that you take care of him? Ps 8