Monday, August 27, 2012


I miss my Mama...
Though I would not wish her back into a broken and suffering body...Or would I take her from the joys of heaven... I just wish I could take care of her again, just for at least a day or so... I wish I could hold her papery thin, soft and warm hand...I wish I could tell her that I love her... I know she knows. I do. And I feel her in the blessing of getting to be a Mama myself, and an Oma now. That's how I'm passing on her legacy...Her legacy of love... I would say, rest in peace my sweet Mama, but I hope she's not resting...I hope she is dancing and singing with all her might! I hope she is laughing and talking again... Enjoy my sweet Mama!  


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A little bit of yumminess...

Here is a simple but delicious gluten free snack/ dessert. Glutino has some amazing chocolate-covered- gluten free pretzels. Yum! I love them but do not buy them often because they are dangerous for me if you know what I mean! One of my daughters is not gluten free and I have to fight her for this treat...I have been out of them for way too long and then, I discovered an alternative. A yummy one. Another dangerous thing. Anyway, I saw this dark chocolate cream cheese. From Philadelphia, no less, so it has to be good...Ok, I have to stop right there. Dark. Chocolate. Cream. Cheese. Yes. To all of the previous. THEN, add them together and stick a salty, crunchy pretzel into the mix and you have: heaven. Ok, not heaven BUT, a chocolate-y, salty-creamy-crunchy delight! Deliciousness!
Marianne :)