Sunday, May 2, 2010

Details !!! Part 1

I love details! Not the nitty, gritty, business-paper-work kind, oh, the very thought of that makes me cringe! No, what I am talking about are the details of nature. Flower petals, subtle colors, rain drops, pollen on a bee's hind legs, spots on the back of a ladybug, teeny-tiny details that seem not to matter that much, but... they do! What would our world be like if we didn't have these details? Well... without rain drops, we would not have flowers, and without flowers, we would not have pollan and without pollan we would not have bees and without bees, we would not have honey, and without honey, we would not have toast...Oh, you see where I'm going! A world without honey, ( ok, this is another post, because I so love honey and would love to go on and on about its health benefits and color and taste in a hot cup of tea...) But, I am going to reign myself in and get back to the "details" subject. ( Write to me if I don't have a "Honey" post within the next month!) OK, where was I? You see how this ADD thing can complicate a person's life? That's another post again! Anyway, I'm a hugh believer in the small details making an enormous difference in our life. Why? Because a Hugh God made these little details. Ever thought about DNA? How important is that and yet we went a couple thousand years not even knowing it existed. These microscopic things that were not "discovered" until microscopes and high powered cameras, always, were. That is after God made them! Have you ever had the opportunity to watch your live blood cells swimming around on a glass slide? Its incredibe, amazing, you can see the shape and health of an actual blood cell. Well, did we not all have blood until we could see this or understand its importance in our bodies? Hello! Have you ever smelled a Lily of the Valley flower? About four of these miniture blossoms would fit on a single penny, and yet the smell is so strong and distinct. They also have tiny pink stripes on the inside of the bud that I can hardly even make out with the macro mode on my camera. Again, why? Who would see this, who would care? How about a Grape Hyacinth? About ten or more purple blossoms would fit on a penny and they smell like grapes! I've seen a green bee through the lens of my camera, yes, opalesent green! Also a solid black bee, a fly with a gold reflexive nose, a bug that looked exactly like it was wearing a tux and a myriad of miraculous flowers in a rainbow of colors, shapes and sizes. Oh, how about the peacock that comes to my house everyday. I'm sure everyone has seen a peacock's feather close up. The metalic greens and blues are almost beyond description...
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