Friday, August 20, 2010

Homemade Salsa!

Just made a huge bowl of homemade salsa! Yum! Have another "child" off to college and for this small moment I have the kitchen to myself. ( And the house!) This is so rare, so I am really enjoying it! I've got the Christian music on (loud!). Listening to the messages and making a big, fun. creative mess out of my kitchen. A craft project going on and I'm thinking of making that Irish Cream Cheesecake! I got the ingredients this week, but most of the Oreos are gone. So, shoot, I will just have to improvise and use brownies for a crust! LOVE changing things up, even when they already work really well, just can't help myself. ;) Hope you are having a good day too, feeling really blessed!

Don't use a recipe for the salsa, but here is how I do it:
 About 10 to 12 ripe Roma tomatoes
4 white, sweetish onions
2 jalapeno peppers
juice of one lime
salt to taste
1 Bunch of Cilantro

 I have one of those little hand-turned, chopping thingies. :) Can do it just on a chopping board also, have many times. Chop the tomatoes and onions to about the same size. I like mine pretty small, so would almost call it, minced. Seed the hot peppers(unless you like it really hot). Chop these very small. Would surely call these minced! Juice the lime, add and I put about 2 Tablespoons of salt. ( I said it was a BIG bowl, and thats a lot of veggies). Oh, don't forget the chopped cilantro, its the best part! I love that fresh, fragrant cilantro smell, it just "pops" !  Pull out your favorite salsa chips, we have about 5 favorites in this family, and ENJOY!

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  1. OH.MY. This is FANTASTIC! I will never be the same after eating this :)