Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lazy Chickens

Oh my chickens, my lazy chickens! Do you know how much I HATE BUYING eggs? Its such an insult after the bounty you produced this summer. I know it getting colder and darker and that you are even molting. But if you could just spare an egg or two each day between the 9 of you, it would make me so happy. It just feels like such a waste to get my hopes up and yet find ALL of your boxes empty. Then to add insult to injury, yesterday I actually had to break down and buy a dozen eggs! Oh the sorrow!Please get with it!
1. (of birds, insects, reptiles, ect. ) to cast or shed the feathers, skin or the like, that will be replaced by a new growth.
2. to cast or shed (feathers, ect )
in the process of renewal.
WOW! There is a lesson in everything. I came on here to lament my lazy chickens and realized that it is about time for me to MOLT. (Not as in feathers silly ) The casting off of the old ways, habits, thoughts and things that are dragging me down. Its a good thing that, " Every morning is fresh, with no mistakes in it" !
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  1. PS. I just went to the coop and there were TWO eggs!