Thursday, May 26, 2011

Missing in Blog Action

Wow! I've been incognito for a while! All this stuff in my head and it hasn't been going down onto, into, on my blog! They year has been going well. So much to share, things to tell, honesties to be honest about, trips, exciting art news and what I've been up to and learning. Sorry I left you high and dry, it won't happen again. Probably. Won't. Work on it that it won't. OK! It probably will! You've seen my pattern or some of you have, most of you don't remember or just met me...So, heres the plan...I put something on here again tomorrow. Oh, the novelty of it! You guys come back, read it and be thrilled or come up with an idea or be encouraged or inspired. That's my HOPE anyway. Love to you all, and I am going to come up with some cool give aways! Also I want to talk to you about being able to go to Donna Downey's event, Inspired, in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago. Oh the deliciousness I learned! The teachers I got to see. I took online classes from two of them earlier and will discuss that!
And last but not least, I'll have photographs for you! Love to you all. No telling what I will find tomorrow here that I have written! It's 12:30 am and I am sure that the left side of my brain is already asleep. Got my jambies on and gonna get some shut eye. See ya tomorrow.
ps. The teachers are Suzi Blu and Christy Thomlinson. Hope I spelled that right Christy, you can shoot me tomorrow... ;). :)

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