Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun with focus...p.p.

Here's a little fun with focus point. Or I should probably say-out of focus, cause most of it is...but it's still fun to me...yes, this is a bookshelf in my home...color coordinated, stacked books...I love how it looks and have had it like this for years, changing it up a bit from time to time...but with the same ideas or basic elements in's one of my favorite places to look in my house... neat and every time my eyes hit on this shelf, with two of my favorite things, COLOR and BOOKS, it gives me a restful feeling... I mean, how could you go wrong with either color OR books?!
Hope you Enjoy and comment...
Marianne :)
Yep, there it is, my name and not a letter... ;)


  1. Cool! Like the way your books are stacked by color!

  2. Love this, Marianne! You bring such fun to the world :)