Friday, May 18, 2012


So I'm a little slow in coming to Pinterest...ok, a LOT slow! I mean half the female population has been pinning for, I don't know how long! And what I have been missing! The world will never be the same for me... Being a very visual person that LOVES color, and well, stuff, it's just a load of fun...See you on Pinterset!
Marianne. :)
ps. The photo below is an altered photo of an encaustic piece that I did this year. Lots of color, and my words... :)


  1. It's so addictive, too! But such fun :) So glad to see you over there!

  2. It is Anne! Fun and loving it too. Glad to swap "awesome" pins with you!
    Thanks for commenting. :)
    Marianne :)

  3. We are all addicted! Love it ... Would love to swap some w you ... So much fun ... Love your blog ... Plan to visit again and again ... Pls come visit mine ... When you have a free moment ...
    Kristine xx