Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tah-Dahhhh! After photos

It's finished! Four days worth and many hours... Not in a row. Mostly. Three hours on the last day...Anywho, I love how it turned out! Very artsy. And colorful. Very colorful. Lots and lots of books. You may be asking yourself why I have so many books. Several reasons...A-1) I am admittedly a book nut. I might need to go to Book Lovers Anonymous... I was: 1)A Homeschool mom for many years... 2) Had Six kids 3) We used Sonlight Books and they have awesome books and a lot of them in their program. 4) I love Books 5) I love color. My second hand books are often bought according to color. Did I mention that I love books? A few more close ups coming, hopefully that will be in focus... ;)

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