Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little is Much... Michael Nobbs... and Copic Pens

Just tried Copic pens for the first time this week! Was so excited to try them and they did not disappoint! They are so colorful and controllable. Meaning, it almost feels like painting but with a pen which IS easy to control. You know already that I love doodling, and they are perfect for filling in those doodles and making them come alive! Oh! I even colored a Curlie Girlie with them. (no pic for that yet, sorry)
I've been enjoying a website, by Michael Nobbs for some time now. I was searching for "Drawing Blogs" , and his site came up. Not only did I love his drawings but I was so intrigued by his words and methods of getting things done. He has little energy but keeps up his work, blog, drawings and even write books by just doing a little at a time. Check out his site!
When I was reading one of his books tonight, I thought of this little chorus that we used to sing in church years ago, Little is much...Little is much is much when God is in it, labor not for wealth or fame, there's a crown and you can win it, if you go in Jesus' name...
Hard day. Very hard day. I said I would be honest here, so there it is. Super tired. Like uber, can't even explain it, tired. Didn't get much done, read, sang one, yes one tiny little chorus. Had a nice dinner with 2 of my favorites guys and blogged this post. Nighty all.

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