Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Drawing, painting...

I did a little fall drawing, painting and photographing yesterday...So relaxing. Don't you just have a NEED to make something sometimes? I do! It was stunningly beautiful yesterday, as it usually is here in W.N.C. in the Fall. Perfect, crisp, sunny, slightly windy weather...with leaves floating down to the still very green grass. The mountains, trees, leaves and ground are turning shades of: saffron, pomegranate, salmon, ocher, vermillion, scarlet, golden, crimson, ruby, rust, peach, cherry, apple, coral, terra cotta, tangerine, and garnet! The leaves are spotted, swirled, lined, halved, and marked with varying patterns of these colors...What a masterpiece by the Master Artist. I've heard it said that all art is an imitation of nature. I couldn't find the exact quote or author, but it's pretty "spot" on. ;) Oh, the leaves on the left are "mine" (copy of nature!) and the leaves on the right are God's...
M. :)
ps I used a fine Sharpie to draw the leaves and water color to paint them. This from the girl that could never write or draw anything unless it was in pencil. In case I made a mistake. Oh well, glad I out grew that one! ;)

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