Sunday, October 9, 2011

Climb...Pic O' the Day (PO'D) Sunday, Oct 9, 2011

First of all, I want to say that this quote is Melody Ross' from . The pic and tag on canvas are mine but I love the words, so inspiring. I'm feeling very nostalgic today. A year ago, I went to the amazing and inspiring and wonderful, lovely, delicious, artistic, healing adventure that is Brave Girls Camp! Wow. I can see it all and smell the smells and feel the wonderful feelings all over again... The chilly Idaho air, the cozy and beautifully decorated cabin, the delicious food, the smell of Mod Podge, every tiny, little detail in that art room. The music, the singing, the sharing, the wonderful, accomplished and artistic women! They need a few more exclamation points!!! I love you ladies! (and miss you and wish we could do the whole thing over again with every person and detail the same) Ahhh! ... I didn't even mention the lake! That freezing lake that Margie wanted to jump into and I said I'll go if you do, and we did! Several of us. Freezing, absolutely freezing but it felt so exhilarating and freeing and like such an accomplishment. Really. There is an awesome picture, not mine, but if I could get ahold of it, I would love to show it to that is what I am thinking about today, remembering, longing, hoping to go again some day...but until then, there is always and the online classes that they offer. I'm really wanting to do the Soul Restoration 2 classes...check it out...

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