Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wishful Thinking...Phone Pic of the Day challenge

Phone Pic of the Day. (Yes again!) I decided to make it a challenge for myself. Instead of fretting and apologizing that it IS a PHONE PIC, why can't I try to take different, interesting and hopefully unusual or beautiful phone photos every day? I always have my phone on me, don't we all? And with all the options that are available, why not? Yes, WHY ever NOT? This way, I'm not lugging around one of my cameras, different lenses, or bags and at the end of the day, I don't have to upload photos to my computer...Hum... Sounds interesting and easy! It's seems almost sacrilegious though for a self confessed photography nut, megapixal maniac, color crazy, art loving "artist" and photo perfectionist to decide to take PHONE pictures everyday. Really? Yes! Therein lies the real challenge. Stretch yourself, even with something that is subpar or less than one is used to. Make something good, hopefully really good, out of something functional. Ok, I may come to regret this, but for now, here goes! Care to join me? Today, my favorite PHONE pic of the day is called, Wishful Thinking. I'm quite happy with it. Love it actually. It just makes me want to laugh. Cute Kitty...
M. :)

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