Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Green Day

It started off with a visit from one of my favorite neighbors. I call him, "Blue", but being as it WAS St. Patrick's Day, I noticed how very GREEN he was looking. Then I proceeded to make GREEN French Toast. You can see from the pics that is is not very appetizing, but I felt this fell into the "being Honest" catagory, so I'm showing you anyway. Then...I have been planning this since Valentine's Day (when I dyed my dog pink!), I dyed the doggie GREEN! Oh how cute she looked! I laughed and laughed! It was just a little food coloring sprayed onto her coat. It does not touch her skin, so don't get all worried. I figure its about like eating a few M & M's. Then she and I went to my Mom's nursing home. Boy was she a hit! The residents loved and petted on her, but the awesome staff went crazy about her! Almost everyone's camera phone came out! They would say, go to West wing, they want to see her there, come to the therapy room, bring her to see so and so, ect. One very sweet thing happened. There was a man in the therapy room having a very hard time, couldn't even sit up and they were working with him. I set little GREEN Lexi Leprechan on his lap and he smiled and lifted his hand and petted her! It was so precious to see him respond. So that was my GREEN day, hope yours was happy...

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