Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is:

Spring is: Earth yawning in beautiful colors after a long Winter's nap... mvw 3-19-10

It's a glorious Spring day! I've soaked up a Winter's worth of sunshine today. "They" are still predicting a large Spring snow, so I am afraid to get my hopes up that Spring is here to stay. But it would be a terrible waste to not enjoy this just because I'm worrying about next week! I heard a keynote speaker once, ( will look up her name and post in the comment box) who said that her Mother was always warning her, "Don't get your hopes up". And she said, Well why not get your hopes up? What good are low hopes? So true! Get your "Hopes" up, get them high, enjoy the day. Let those "hopes" propel you into believing that you will have a better tomorrow, or accomplishing a long held, or lost dream! Hope has wings, especially in Spring!

P.S. Yes, these ARE last years flowers. Looking forward to recording this Spring too with my camera.
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