Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rice Crispies with Banana! ...AND drumroll...Dark chocolate Almond "milk"

Just had a little snack that reminded me of my childhood: Rice Crispies with a banana! Yum! I sprinkled it with cinnamon and just the tinniest swirl of honey! I had to use regular milk because I had already consumed the carton of Dark Chocolate Almond Milk! Have you tried this stuff? Have you heard about this stuff? Oh my! I could be their spokesperson! It's thick and creamy and oh-so-chocolaty, PLUS it's full of calcium, antioxidants and vitamin E! I had just seen an advertisement for it in a magazine this week and just had to try it and am oh so glad I did! My chocolate fix minus the fat but with all the satisfaction. Gotta run to the store to get more. Well, I guess I could wait till tomorrow, it is almost midnight. So when I do get it again tomorrow, and I will, I'll try it on my Rice Crispies with banana and with that chocolate, it will almost be a banana Split! ;)

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