Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am an Artist...

I am an Artist, Suzi (Blu) says so...
and now i believe her. Wow, you wouldn't believe how hard that is for me to write. I know that for years people have said that i am "artistic", but for me to say it, to acknowledge it, is very difficult.Why? Why are we so hard on ourselves, why can't we say something that others say of us? It seems like a brag to say something good about yourself, and art is very good! Love it, thrive on it, need it, want it, acknowledge that everything i have been given is a gift, not of myself, not of my own doing, but a gift...so why would i reject that gift or say its not good enough or i'm not good enough? Thats like rejecting the Giver to me, saying He does not know how to create or make something or someone with talents... i know that i'm no Ansel Adams or Angelo, but you know what? I AM ME, and there is no one else in the whole world with my exact talents, gifts, struggles AND flaws. When i take a photograph, there is no one in that exact spot, in that moment of time, with my talents, with my camera, with my eye...So, if i didn't do it, who would?
So create. Enjoy. Keep doing it and be thankful because there is no one in the world like YOU or your art...
YOU ARE AN ARTIST...if you don't believe me, ask Suzi! M. :)
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  1. i love this M. and YOU are an ARTIST....that is for certain!!!

    thank you for this beautiful reminder to all of us...

    God only made one of me and one of you, etc... etc... etc... !!!

    I love all of your creations and sending hugs your way!


  2. Tried to link suzi's blog on this post but was not quite successful! It is at the bottom rt hand of this blog and otherwise you can go to it at:

  3. You are an artist in SOOOO many ways!!! I will never forget stopping in the hall to listen to the BEAUTIFUL voice singing in the bathroom. Then there's your artwork, and your photography, and your gorgeous family!
    YOU! my dear, are an ARTIST!

  4. Awww Kolleen and Jayne!! You blessed me! Thank you so much! <3's