Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Like to doodle!

I like to doodle. I like to doodle a lot. For as long as I can remember, I've been "doodling" on napkins, bulletins, newspapers, journals, anything with a white space that just needed to be filled up! Believe it or not, I have just "graduated" to unlined journals! Crazy, I know. I've wanted to do this forever but just didn't do it. Until recently. (Ok, it took me YEARS to stop writing in my journals in PENCIL). Some habits are either silly or just hard to break. But I'm still filling up "spaces". Now doodling has some fancy names. Zendoodle. Zentangle. Mandalas. Its all still doodling to me. Fun and relaxing and if you use a blank space or a journal page, hopefully something you can keep and enjoy. Its also very good practice for DRAWING... :) I've recently gotten a little booklet call "Zentangle Basics", by Suzanne McNeill. She is very talented and her "doodles" are amazing. The little artist card on the Lady bug boot in the collage above is a practice of her patterns. She uses them on everything, journal and scrapbook
pages, shoes, hats, T-shirts...I've actually decided to Zentangle a table. Its surface was already ruined(by water) and I had painted it years ago, but its in need of a change, so...I have seen all kinds of painted furniture, but never a doodled table, so maybe I'm a "first". :) Pics tomorrow
M. :)
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