Monday, October 11, 2010

Beauty Marks...

Life is not defined by your years or your tears,
by your sorrows or your joys
your heartaches or your toys...
Life is defined by what you leave behind on the lives of others.
Were you kind?
Were you compassionate?
Did you offer a listening ear or
a comforting hug?
Could you bother with a word of wisdom
 or a sweet smile?
Did you offer the gift of Love?
Would people say that you are an encouragement?
Because when it is all said and done, when it is time for us to go,
what is left behind, what is truly only left behind...
are the marks we have made on those around us.
Beauty Marks.
They then have the opportunity to leave their marks behind
on the lives they have touched,
hopefully influenced by you, and so the cycle continues.
What is your story, and what mark will you leave behind
on the people in your life and those who come into contact with you?
I challenge you to make it beautiful!

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