Sunday, October 31, 2010

So long October!

So long October
I'm determined not to cry
You take your brilliant colors
And your sparkling blue skies.
Your carpet of green
With it's blanket of fragrant needles
And crunchy leaves
And your sweet Indian Summers
Just to tease me...
I will miss the smokey air
And your warm sun rays
Your misty cool mornings
Turning into perfect days.
How can you leave me?
Did you not just appear?
And now I must wait for you
Almost a whole year?
Gray skies will come between us
Snow and then buds my dear
A hot, hot summer
But I refuse to fear...
I will not say goodbye October
For now it's just so long
Because I now that soon
You will again sing your sweet autumn song....

MVW 10-31-10 11:52 am

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