Friday, October 29, 2010

Somedays just Stink!

Bad days. Everybody has them. We are all just trying to hide them. But for those of us who struggle and don't have it all together, this post is for you. In the interest of being honest, real, transparent, I just have a few things to say...
Have you ever read the book: Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day... ?
It was a favorite at our house. Everything that could go wrong for him in that day, did go wrong. He lamented several times that he was just going to move to Australia!
Somedays just stink! Let's face it. Somedays are crummy. Somedays are painful.somedays nothing seems to work out. Somedays you don't have it all together. Somedays just do not
work out! You feel as though you don't have what it takes, and nothing is going "right"!
Somedays you are depressed. Somedays you are in a bad mood or hormonal. Somedays you forget to take your vitamins, your meeds, your hormones! Somedays you forget to exercise. Somedays your kid is in a bad mood or sick or a project needs to be done today! Somedays you are lonely, feel all alone in the world, feel rejected, hurt, betrayed, left behind. Somedays it SEEMS like everyone else does have it all together, are never depressed, never go out in just a T-shirt with no make up and their hair in a pony tail.
Somedays you feel insecure, dumb, foolish or forgetful. Somedays your tattoo won't
dry. Got ya! Just kidding, I was just checking if you were still reading and trying to lighten up a bit...somedays you stub your toe, have the flu or a rotten sinus infection. Somedays your socks don't match, the muffins burn, you forget to buy milk and bread. Somedays your friends don't call, somedays your crazy phone won't stop ringing! Somedays you just want to cry, eat too much chocolate, stay in bed, on the couch or watch TV or stay on the computer too long...somedays you get a flat tire, your hose have a run, your nose has a run, you get in a fight with your loved one! Somedays you are just plain tired, off, cranky: yuck!
And you know what?
You are not alone.
Because really, the rest of us, including and especially, yours truly, DO-NOT-HAVE-IT-ALL-TOGETHER! Life is not, if anything, picture perfect! BUT... The good thing is: Tomorrow is another day and we get to start over, fresh, new...sigh
And in the words of Mr. Alexander, "Mom says, somedays are just like this, even in Australia!"

PS Go out there and make it the best day you possibly can, just for this day...and remember we get a fresh new start tomorrow!
Love ya! :)


  1. Hugs, I hv days like that a lot.... I just try to smile thru them, and focus on the positive!

  2. So true, but we definitely don't lose HOPE! Hope that tomorrow will come and we will HOPEfully grow in our sanctification :) The truth is that most of us don't have it all together, but we can encourage and pray for one another. Enjoying your blog ♥