Thursday, October 28, 2010

Imperfect Fall Leaf

See this little maple leaf? Pretty, huh? I love how the yellow and red are seperated right down the center, with another little dab of red on the side. It fasinates me to see so many leaves, shaded, colored, spoted in a million ways... But maybe you are not noticing the colors of this little fall leaf, maybe you are noticing that it has parts missing. Its little skelaton is showing, it has spots, its imperfect... To me, that makes it all the more intresting, because it reminds me of human beings, of me. Imperfect, flawed, parts worn away, spots showing. Who are we trying to fool anyway? We ALL have spots and flaws and it makes us who we are, sets us apart. It makes us truely beautiful. I've given up on perfection, I believe its over rated! AND, by the way, unatainable!
So show me your spots people, your tears, your are truely stunning!
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  1. beautiful post gf... and so so true! Imperfection should be embraced! hugs xoxox

  2. Nice! Though I didn't notice those imperfections until you pointed them out... maybe that's a lesson for all of us... to be good to ourselves, to not point out what we think are our imperfections...because our true beauty really shines through... just like this gorgeous leaf.

  3. Thanks. Having a "move to Australia" day. Thanks. I'm gonna get out of bed now. Love, Mignon

  4. Thanks Ladies! love your comments!:)
    Hope today was a better day for you Mignon!
    L & P