Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Food Memories, Part Two-Going Bananas!

...The only fruit I can ever remember eating as a child was bananas! OK, once I had an orange straight off the tree in a California orchard and I thought it was incredable. But other than that, it was, you guessed it, bananas, bananas, and more bannanas! It sounds like that old and very much used knock-knock joke. Aren't you glad I didn't say...Ba. No! I'm not going to say it! There seemed to be only two fruit choices in our home (that I remember anyway), yellow apples and b... For some reason I hated the color and texture of those apples. Now does that make ANY sense to you , seeing as they are the same color as b... It wasn't till I was married and buying my own apples-big red ones, that I even started to like them. Back to the choices...Did I mention that I have ADD? Tends to make me veer off the subject...I had wonderful parents, very hard working Dutch immigrants who came here in the sixties, but my Mom was not much of a cook. Sorry Mom, she had many, many other fine qualities, but cooking was not one of them. Anyway I guess variety of fruits and nutrition was not a big concern. Another time I will tell you about the chocolate or jelly sandwiches I almost always found in my lunch box. Yes, chocolate sandwiches! You are beginning to understand me a little now I think. :)

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