Saturday, February 6, 2010

Food Memories

Date: Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 5:13 PM
Subject: Food Memories

Isn't it interesting how a certain food , probably something you've had many times before, is able to trigger a memory , or an entire string of food memories? I had such an experience today. I was eating a banana , just a regular old banana... Ok, it was on top of Nasi Goreng. Nasi what? Nasi Goreng, a spicy, delicious Indonesian fried rice dish. My parents were Dutch, the Dutch occupied the Indonesian islands for a time ( I am NOT going to give a history lesson, I'm supposed to be talking about bananas! ) , anyway, this wonderful dish is something the Dutch brought home with them and is very well loved in The Netherlands. So, today for lunch I was enjoying this extraordinary dish. We top ours with peanut sauce and bananas. I love toasted coconut on top too, but was out of that. In Holland , you can experience what they call- Rijs Taffel. There are about 20 plus dishes included with Nasi Goreng, among them my very favorite, krupuk, ( I have found 5 spellings for this, no kidding) fried shrimp chips. Now I'm really confusing you, I'm sure. Let me get this straight, you're thinking, spicy fried rice, bananas, coconut, peanut sauce AND shrimp chips? Yes, and that's just the beginning! Anyway, trust me, it's fabulous! So, it wasn't any of this that triggered the memory, but the bananas. I think I've mentioned that fruit about five times already and this post is getting too long. Maybe I'll just leave you with your mouth watering and finish the memory later...


  1. Ok...I HAVE to comment on this :) You made Nasi Goreng for Jerry & I over 25 yrs ago and we still talk about it today! We loved it!! You topped ours with peanut sauce and a fried egg, and it was delish!!!

  2. Well, you'll just have to come this way again and I'll make you a meal. 25 years is WAY too long to wait for Nasi Goreng! :)

  3. Aunt Marianne, Oh how i miss Nasi -- I have the little packet but have no idea how to make it -- can you send my way sometime?

  4. Send you packets, or "How Tos" ? Call me