Friday, February 5, 2010

French Toast Crazy!

I have this thing about French toast lately! That gooey, crunchy,warm, sweet goodness melting in your mouth. Do you ever crave a certain food over and over for no apparent reason? I mean, other than its delicious and readily available. Well, of late, for me its French Toast. Everything is ok in moderation, I believe.  I always and only use whole wheat bread, try to use my "farm fresh" eggs and anything organic I can get, such as vanilla and cinnamon. So, I'm not the kind of follow- a- recipe -to -the -letter type of cook. In fact, I don't really use recipes at all, just methods. (Except when baking, and even then I fiddle with things :0) So why, are you asking, am I sharing something that there is not an exact science to? Just to inspire you to greater and more delicious levels of French Toast! Hope you try it and enjoy!

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