Monday, July 18, 2011

Let's play a little game...

This is another pic in the Dutch Series photos... I thought I'd have a little fun with you. I told you that I have this amazing app, which I will reveal tomorrow, that can do ALL kinds of amazing things to your photographs...As I was playing with it tonight, I had this idea... Let me back up. This was another run-by shot. Seriously. We had just had a delicious, fresh fish lunch and were heading back to the center of town to look around. As usual, everyone was far ahead of me and I just happened to glance back into this ally, ran back and got this shot. I sure hope that the words on the door are not cuss words... I asked a few people and they thought not, so if I'm wrong, forgive me... Anyway, it was a striking wall and just so perfect and 'Dutch' with the bike propped up against it... So back to the app, I fiddled quite a bit with the original photo and I was wondering if you could guess what the REAL color of this wall was? What do you think, makes sense to you, or which is your favorite? Aww, come on, GUESS!
And while you are at it, I hope you
Marianne :)


  1. I'm thinking it was a pale green. in any color it's a neat picture!

  2. I think it was yellow. Jenn :)

  3. Wayne was right! They were really that intense red! You can't outsmart Wayne, he always guesses right. The app I used, I need to post about it but for those that are really checking, I did tell you today, it's called One Hundred Cameras...
    Thanks for "playing" guys...