Monday, July 11, 2011

Pic of the Day...July 10th, Sunday

Had an Oh So Lovely Day visiting with a friend and her daughter! We talked, took lots of pics, and had tea! So fun! Then I worked on and finished one of my Curlie Girlies for a friend's website, Charity Wings. Check it out at I will do an entire post on my "Curlie Girlies" this week. I will also show you today's creation, but not until my friend has seen it first! :) She requested an Asian Curlie Girl with wings. Can't wait until she sees it! ( and you do too!)
This pic is another detail of a larger painting, water color again, though I did this at the end of last year with water color crayons. I asked some of my favorite people what their favorite words were and wrote them in the different colored circles...added a few doodles too ( I just can't help myself with those doodles!)
M. :)

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