Monday, July 11, 2011

Pic of the Day...7/11/11... Tea for Many

I've been excitedly waiting to show you this pic as the beginning of my "Holland" series pictures. I love it on so many levels! First of all, I love Holland, land of my parent's birth and my heritage. I love tea, all kinds, and shining teapots AND reflections! This was a quant little shop with all things tea (and coffee), with very colorful cups and a deliciously different European flavor. In the side window display, sat this Dutch little pot. As I always can't seem to
help but notice reflections, this I couldn't resist. A little self portrait, the kind I love, where you only get a small touch of the person. In this case it's two people, but more importantly, there is the town church with it's tall steeple, the lines in the road behind me, the sun and shadow, blue sky and last but not least, a miniature reflection on the ball of the lid. Ahh. It may not win any prizes or even meet technical standards, but as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder... This makes my eyes happy. :)
M. :)


  1. Love your teapot reflection photo! Very nice!

  2. I love it! Your eye is so creative. Thanks for taking time to "show" us what you see!

  3. I love to WHG! Thanks for commenting!