Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phone Pic of the Day...July 26th...Fun

This is a phone pic, but just too fun not to share! You may remember a marble photo I posted last month that reminds you of this. But these are not marbles! This is a soap-sudsy sink full of colored glass balls. I want to call them Japanese fishing balls (net floaters), that's what I was told when I first started getting them, but they are a little too perfect to have been used for that. Let's say that they were fashioned after the J. Fishing balls. ;) They range in size from about, 2 1/2 inches across to probably 8 inches across! They are brightly colored, made of glass, reflect the light and are perfect for photographing, so of course I love them! I originally used them at Christmas time but loved them too much to put away and let them hang in a window for years. Well they have been packed up now for quite some time, but now have been washed and polished and are ready to go in their new spot, the ceiling! Really. Hung from hooks on fishing wire. :) Now that's appropriate!
So how about you? Are you shining, bringing beauty to others, able to move into different areas in life, repurposed ( when necessary, and how many times does THAT happen in life), and most importantly, reflecting the Light? That's my hope today, to lift your spirits a bit, to encourage, to show you some beauty and to be a blessing to others...

M. :)

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