Thursday, August 25, 2011

Different is Good...

Do you ever think about variety? Just take a moment and think of all the differences in this world...spices... from basil to cinnamon, lemon sage to saffron, cumin to nutmeg, mint to and trees and all the different sizes, shapes, colors and fragrances...birds and insects...I mean, there are ostriches and humming birds, worlds apart...and stink beetles and honey bees! And colors, we can't ever forget about the shades and tones and subtleties of blues and greens ands reds and oranges! Oh, how about music and the stirring rendition of a powerful march to the soft gentle sounds of a lightly played violin...Whats my point? There is beauty in it all! Every change, difference, color, shade, taste...different is good! I'm in a lovely art group in a social community and I just marvel at how different everyone is and how different and beautiful everyone's art is! It fascinates and impresses me..If we are all so different and the things in this world are all so different, shouldn't we appreciate those individualities and celebrate those around us? Can you even begin to imagine how boring the world would be if we didn't have choices? All grays, and bland foods...See, there is another example, did you know that both grey and gray are correct? grAy is how it is spelled in America, and grEy is how it is spelled in England...lovely, and fascinating! Celebrate the differences and varieties and people and art in this world! You are different from me and I am different from you. Yeah! Yea! Yay! (Now, those are not all correct...I'm going to let you guess on that one...)
M. :)

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