Sunday, August 14, 2011

Here She is! Favorite Curlie Girlie...Story Part 1

Curlie Girlies...Curlie Girlie Creations...
This is what i do...Well, one of the things...So how did i begin making C. Girls? Long story...i'll try to put it in a nut shell...a really big nut shell ;) About a year and a half ago,i had an operation. It ended up being much more tramatic than i had anticipated and the recovery was long and hard...i was down and wiped out and in bed a lot! No energy, anxious, depressed, with major ADD. My attention span was about 2 minutes. i mean that. i altered pics for, 2 minutes, listened to audio bible for 2 minutes, played word games for, you guessed it, 2 minutes. Then, i discovered YouTube. i did a search for journals or or art journal or altered art, that i dont remember exactly... But what i found or i should say Who i found was Suzi Blu . And suzi Blu was so interesting and compassionate, accepting, encouraging and oh so talented! I can't "unbold" this. real professional. sorry. Any way, i loved, loved, LOVED her Petite Dolls and saw all her videos, i believe, multiple times and i was hooked! I took her online class of the above dolls, which i highly recommend and learned how to make her beautiful faces...i could not get enough. Then, being the rebellious student that i am, i had to change things up a bit. First of all though, i must say that i think its good to be a rebelious ARTISTIC student. Why? Because after you have learned the basics, you change it up and discover your style, make it your own...i need to back up a bit. Suzi did a video about 
Brave Girls Camp . i had never heard of it, but it was so lovely and appealing that i got it into my head that i just HAD to go there...So, last October i flew out to Idaho and met with a bunch of very lovely ladies, both those attending and those that were working there. We were so pampered at this "Woman's Life and Art Retreat". Had a blast! Did i mention how talented each and every one of these women were? Oh my goodness, SO talented and accomplished and BRAVE, i felt a little like , idk, Cinderella in her rags...Anyway, they were all so amazing...and it was So good for me and really got my creative juices flowing again...Oh! The art supplies ! The food! The decorations! The leaders and creators of Brave Girls, Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins, two beautiful, beautiful ladies, did an AMAZING job!!! Everything there was personalized: gifts, name tags, curriculum papers... Wow! This really doesn't even begin to cover it! ...Next part of the story...Enter,
Christy Tomlinson . She was working at the October camp. What a Dear, sweet, beautiful (inside and out), talented and genuine person! She has classes too and i took her online "She Art" class and learned so much about backrounds, ect... Must close for the night and pick up the story tomorrow...Part 2
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  1.'re making us wait??? this is why i stopped watching tv!!! =D (my this IS a very BIG nutshell...but a goodie!!!) I'm loving it! ~selah~ <3

  2. Thanks Selah! I was getting "computer neck", ya know! Ouch, too many hours! Looks like I may have messed up the links, and I was so proud of myself! What AM I doing wrong??!!

  3. She's beautiful Marianne,
    I enjoy your spot and hope you get well soon!
    I saw your post on Magical Mixed Media FB☺
    Happy Creating

  4. Thank you MoMeMa!
    Hope you keep coming back! I checked out your site too! Yeah!
    Fixed the links!!!
    m. :)

  5. what a beautiful blog!!! love it
    nessa, belgium

  6. Love your Curlie Girl canvas...feel so honored I was able to see it in person. Hope you are doing well. xo