Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Write on

I'll write on anything...post-its, scrap paper, the newspaper, church bulletins ( I'm listening, I promise! ), napkins, receipts, um, I've been known to write on a table(check out doodle table)...
Journals, journals galore! Calendars, date books, you name it. When an idea strikes, you've got to get it down. It could be a poem, as in this case...I'll "translate" it for you when I get back from the grocery store...a song, an art idea, story line, doodle, drawing, or decorating idea...If I don't put it on paper, I'm libel to forget it...I have learned, most of the time to carry a little notepad with me, which helps, but if I don't have one, then anything will do! So, when an idea strikes, write on!

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