Friday, August 12, 2011

My first Curlie Girlie... Pic of the Day...Aug 12th

Finally! A real Curlie Girl photo! Her face is vintage book paper, as well as her hair, which is also: 3D! I have a LONG story that goes along with this...tomorrow...But here's the really, really short version... My art has always been vertically challenged. For some reason, I wanted it to be very flat. I loved it when I saw other people's journal pages or mixed media and it had layers and fabric and dimension! But for some reason, this just did not come naturally to me...When I started drawing faces, ( long story version- Suzi Blu...), I was thinking about it one night and thought-how can I make the hair stand out? This idea popped into my head and the ideas have not stopped coming... Her little wings and the butterfly on her shirt pop out too...I'll show you my favorite girl tomorrow...until then, I hope you
M. :)

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