Sunday, August 21, 2011

So this is Heidi...Pic of the Day...Aug 21st

This Curlie Girl is named Heidi...none of the other girls have names, but hers came easily...Do you name your art if there is a person in it? I name most of my photos, well the ones I'm going to show, otherwise I would be busy for weeks coming up with them...Heidi has a colored pencil drawn face...(I will have to say I do love her face the most). Her eyes are liquid and she seems to be looking right into your thoughts...her hair is, yes, you guess it, felted balls! I got this idea at Inspired just looking in the quilt store...This is actually just a detail of her...she is on a full canvas, 36 x ?... She has a full outfit, with a lovely flowing skirt...will have to see where those photos slipped off to...she lives in CA now, otherwise I could snap a few right now...She is also on a painted, mixed media background....with the words, Forgiven and Loved, a song I love, sung by Jimmy Needham...Any questions?
I hope you
M. :)

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