Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ready! Set! Sew!

Here is your mission, if you choose to accept it...Well, duh, I have to accept it, it's my idea and I'm not letting myself off the hook... It's a learning experience...I going to have a creating- sewing sprint! Why? Because I over think things. WAY over think them, and it holds me back. I plan and plan and plan: pages, lay outs, ideas, ect and then can't get to them because I run out of time or energy. Then I have to put it all away and start over the next time. (Thus, the awesome craft room that in the works...I won't have to put away, exactly, I can just shut the door and come back and pick up where I left off.) SO, I am having a "sprint" in order to break myself of this annoying habit! Heres the plan, or the rules...Create- put together as many layouts as possible in the allotted time. This doesn't mean completely finished pages, I can adds words or photos or paint later. It means, match up some things, or not...they don't have to match, just put together and ready to be sewn and put into a book...Next rule: sew. Third rule: Do this all in an hour! Really. I've already gathered all the supplies..I'm good at that...I gathered and I have have enough for, umm, about fifty pages. At least...I'll set the timer and speed create. You can try it too. Do not pass go, do not collect...any more notions, do not get a drink of water...ok, well maybe not run out of thread, oh shoot, where is that thread? I hope it lasts!...I will say, if someone comes over or calls, or the cat needs to be fed, oh, I already did that, I'm going to turn the timer off. I have to have the whole hour! that I am short on material. Not materialS, cloth. Oh well, whatever I have is what I will use. AND, I will go outside of my own box. Different things, things I haven't tried before or that aren't perfect. Gasp.! Ha! I can do it! You can too!
I'll post some pictures...
PS. What does this pic have to do with sewing? Nothing. Totally random. I don't have any sewing pictures. That in itself is shocking...
When I'm done, I'll mention it in the comment section...
Ready? Set! Sew!


  1. Love the photography. I'm following. Hope you'll view my site and join there too.

    Coleen, an American in Ukraine

  2. A great challenge!
    But I really don't get the sewing part :)
    Could you explain it to me, please?


  3. Coleen, thanks for following, I'm following yours now too! Lovely...I hope you'll be back, I love comments! M. :)

    Rita, the sewing is just an art journal technique where you litterally sew papers, and fabric and other things's very simlpe and fun. If you have a machine and can sew a straight line, or not, you can do it!
    M. :)