Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mini Travel painting kit...

Just wanted to show you what I have been taking along with me lately. It's a simple, tiny, cheap watercolor pallet. I believe it was six dollars and change at Walmart. I thought of putting water into an old medicine bottle because it won't leak. See, I set in upside down to show you. The colors are very vibrant as you can see in the little (Suzi Blu) inspired mermaid painting. Love the brightness of her hair and tail! I'm not finished with her yet, but will update when I am... Also, I take one little brush with me, this is my current favorite. I have taken these three things in a very small purse, on a plane and the time just flew by! When I'm home, I leave the paint set, brush, med bottle of water and a journal next to my chair. Then at a moments notice, I can be painting and relaxing...

M. :)


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